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The Pursuit of Happiness and the Union of Aristotle and...

The Pursuit of Happiness and the Union of Aristotle and Genesis Two major schools of thought broadly influenced the development of the moral code of Western Civilization. The Judeo-Christian tradition gave us faith and God through the text of the Bible. The ancient Greeks gave us philosophical inquiry and the Good through the teachings of Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle. In his Nichomachean Ethics, Aristotle proposes that the Good is the highest end of man’s actions. Happiness is the Good because it is the only end man pursues with no other end in mind. A man obtains this highest end by living his life in a virtuous manner. In marked contrast, a careful reading of Genesis shows that, in the world of the Hebrews, the highest†¦show more content†¦The similarity between the English words God and Good draws an obvious parallel between them. While Aristotle’s concept of the Good has little to do with an all-powerful being, the words he uses when describing the Good connote something larger than mankind. Aristotle states: We reach the conclusion that the good of man is an activity of the soul in conformity with excellence or virtue (Ethics 17).1 In this quote, he defines the Good as a state of being, namely the best state of being towards which every human strives. In Genesis, the patriarchs strive toward God through the covenant he establishes with them. Faith in God and communion with him are the highest ends of the actions of the patriarchs: And Abram was ninety-nine years old and the Lord appeared to Abram and said to him, ‘I am El Shaddai. Walk with Me and be blameless, and I will grant My covenant between Me and you and I will multiply you very greatly’ (Gen. 17:1-3).2 This speech marks the beginning of the challenge God sets in front of his patriarchs; the challenge of the covenant, which, if they can live up to it, will make them truly righteous men. The covenant emphasizes communion with God and ultimate faith in God. These things, then, are the highest ends of the lives of the patriarc hs. Aristotle’s Good and the God of the Hebrews parallel each other as the ultimate goals of human action. God andShow MoreRelatedEntertainment Media Ethics : Music And Music Videos8248 Words   |  33 Pagesmarketers in a bid to become successful. Effects of nudity and sex in music video entertainment Promiscuity is so celebrated in today’s world that scarcely can one find an individual who disapproves of sexual intercourse bereft of socially recognized union, that is, marriage. It is now a â€Å"vogue culture† to, without restraint, indulge in sex with multiple partners. It is â€Å"abnormal† to be chaste in this sex-happy society (Agwanwo and Oladejo, 2015). Considering the current sexual saturation in music videosRead MoreSources of Ethics20199 Words   |  81 Pages48 Implications of Behavioural Genetics Research In Society: 50 How the genes influence behaviour and ethics: 52 2.3- PHILOSOPHICAL: 55 2.31- Contribution Of In Ethics By The Source Of Philosophical Systems: 55 2.32- Contribution of Aristotle: 57 2.33- Contributions By Other Important Philosophers: 58 2.34- Rights Theory: 64 2.35- Contribution By KANT: 65 2.36- Contribution By ROSS: 66 2.4- CULTURAL: 68 2.5- LEGAL SYSTEM: 71 2.6- CODES OF ETHICS: 74 2.61- Company

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Why the government should promote marriage - Free Essay Example

Sample details Pages: 4 Words: 1169 Downloads: 9 Date added: 2018/12/15 Category Society Essay Type Argumentative essay Level High school Tags: Children Essay Marriage Essay Did you like this example? According to Paul R Amato, it is important for the government to strengthen the marriages. This paper will compare and contrast the arguments on why the government should strengthen the marriage relationships. To begin with, children who are elevated by the constantly married parents in a strong marriage have a chance of rising into well-balanced adults. Don’t waste time! Our writers will create an original "Why the government should promote marriage" essay for you Create order Childrens who grows up with both of their parents married have better live as compared to other childrens who have different forms of the family. The childrens whose their parents have different family structure experiences the following disadvantages , they are likely to be poor, in the standardized tests they score lower, in the schools they score poor grades, they have high possibility to drop out of schools, they are likely to suffer from depression symptoms, they experience lower self-worth and lastly children have peer problems. When they grow to adults such children are likely to experience; high unemployment, the may incline to less revenue, they are expected to get low-status jobs, they are less likely to attend colleges, they may end up having non marital births, are likely to have weak ties to their parents and lastly they may end up their marriages ending to the divorce. Although some of the differences are caused by the difference in the family structure there is vari ation in some of the children. Some of the children brought up in a continuously married parent may also end up being poorly adjusted adult well-being. This means there are other factors affecting children wellbeing. The relationship between children and parents also affect the development of the child. That is why children with good parent structure may end up having poor adjusted adult life. Secondly, minority of the children in US grow in a constantly and positively married family. This is because a majority of the marriages in the United States are involved in the divorce. The divorce rate in the United States is high. Most of the children born are from non-marital births outside the marriage. Half of the couples live together during the time of bearing the child in a romantic setup. Those who are married are constantly involved in the conflicts. This affects the wellbeing of the children as they may end up developing depression symptoms and non-marital births at their adult age. This signifies why it is important to have a continuously married parent for the better comfort of the children. In United States, even if children grow up in an environment with unceasingly wedded parents, the environment is not conducive for their growth due to conflicts among the parents. Minority of the marriages in United States have a peaceful continuously married family. Due to this majority of the children in United States grows in a setup either in a no married family or married with a lot of conflicts making the environment not conducive to the growth of the children. Moreover, there are well-evaluated methods enhancing improved marital quality and stability. For the children to grow into adjustable good adult wellbeing they need a two coupled marriage which is not involved in the conflicts. The federal government is being involved in providing relationship and marriage education. In the United States, the education has been in existence for centuries which have be en providing information about marriage and relationships. The government provides marriage education which improves communication among the couples, teaches about conflict solving skills, how to moral support between wife and husbands and teaching the skills for strengthening commitment in relationships. The research has shown that the couples who are involved in premarital education before marriage have a low probability of becoming divorced. This will lead to such families having strong children rearing habits. The children will develop to a wellbeing children. The families who have not undertaken premarital education will have children who have problems in their good beings. To the contrast, although education has been there for last two decades there are a lot of divorces in the United States. The government is nowadays interested in the maximization of the chances that children may develop into well-functioning wellbeing in future by maintaining marriages. It is the respons ibility of the state to make sure that children are well risen. The government then comes up with the different programs that support the children. Children protective service, provision of the child cash through TANF and child insurance program are some of the government programs protecting the children. These programs enable the families to have an efficient taking care of the children in regardless of whether the families consist of continuously married partners or not. Although such government programs are in existence, the children are suffering from poor wellbeing due to the structure of the family that they exist. The government should make sure that such programs enhance better wellbeing of all the children in regardless of their family structure. The government has invested its funds in the various current evaluation studies to enhance the well-being of the children. The variations in the family building have enabled the management of the children in the United States to fund three of the marriage demo projects. One of the projects is for supporting strong marriages through training those involved in relationships and marriages. The building of the strong family programs for families with low incomes and unmarried couples. This program provides training to children and parents on their relationships. Lastly, community health marriage is a government program where marriages are educated on the importance of the healthy marriages to the growth of the children. All these programs are geared towards finding the program enabling the probability of the children of growing in a healthy and two parent families structure. Such programs are important since them leads to determining the environment which enhances the wellbeing of the children without problems. Frank F. Furstenberg, had the following arguments about why the government should promote marriage. First, the single parents in the US are common and they affect the wellbeing of children negatively . Secondly, children grow worse in nuclear families. Thirdly, the government initiates programs for protecting the children from mistreatment during a process of growing up in single parented families. Again, he argues about premarital education which enhances families to remain in harmony for the wellbeing in the growth of the children. Moreover, the government should invest in programs that can enhance management of harmonious married relationships as enhancing the wellbeing of the children. Nevertheless, the government should encourage and support the marriages so that the parents can support the wellbeing of the children. To conclude, both Amato and Furstenberg have the common argument on how the government can provide the well-being of the children in a given society. The key point is by enhancing marriages among the adults so that they may work in process of growth and wellbeing young people. Works Cited Paul R. Amato and Frank F. Furstenberg,Strengthening Marriage Is an Appropriate Social Policy Goal [with Response]. Journal of Policy Analysis and Management, vol. 26, no. 4, 2007, pp. 952-956,963-964.

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Nba During the 70s Free Essays

The NAB of the ass greatly differs from what our expectations of today’s league, especially when evaluating the background In which the players came from. Recent statistics show that more than 90% of ass’s NAB players came from urban areas, but when compared to today’s league only about 34% of black players come from families in financial situations (Keating). The question that needs to be asked when observing these statistics is what happened to the league or basketball In general that subsequently pushed poorer players out of the league? When analyzing what has could have caused such a shift in the makeup of the NAB we have to observe the rise in popularity of basketball as the years have gone by. We will write a custom essay sample on Nba During the 70s or any similar topic only for you Order Now Since the offs, the NAB has grown exponentially into a 43 billion dollar industry with international reach (Plunked Research) Much of this growth can be accredited to the creation of superstars during the late ass’s and ass’s. Along with this expansion and increase in basketball’s popularity, we find that more and more money began to be put Into basketball programs (Keating). Schools that have more access to exposable income, such as those in the suburbs, suddenly can produce better equipment, coaches and basketball programs than those in the city. Basketball camps suddenly spring up more and more with high quality ones having a larger price tag (Five Star). Today’s NAB has even gone International with more and more players coming from places such as Europe. So both the expansion of the NAB and the quality of urban area schools become broader topics that should be discussed when looking at the change in the quality of NAB players backgrounds. What possibly answer could there be to why today’s NAB Is made up of more well off’ basketball players than it was in the ASS? Simple, It cost more money to create an NAB caliber athlete today than it did in the ass’s due the increase in the Nab’s popularity. To help support this stance I’d have to look at specific aspects of the NAB that have greatly affected who can become an NAB athlete. After analyzing these aspects, they will be connected to how money Is used to adjust to the changing times. Answering the question will require a great amount of research in relatively tiny aspects that have great importance in an NAB players career. For example, looking at the quality of high schools that many great NAB players graduated from and how much money the schools focused into their basketball program. Researching the surge in athletes coming from abroad should also prove as a great factor when discussing the backgrounds of NAB players both because of the difference of life outside of America and the fact that American colligate basketball player now compete with them for a spot in the draft. The Importance of basketball clinics and amps have also become more prevalent in today’s world with many of those considered to be â€Å"High quality’ to have tuition that is hundreds of dollars. The great Increase In salaries of NAB players also provide a great looking glass Into why a spot on a team in the NAB would be so sought after and should be heavily researched; especially when considering that the average salary of a NAB player in the ass’s was about 35,000 (20 second). Tofu Few counter arguments can be made about the idea that money NAS become a large aspect in determining who can be an NAB athlete in today’s world. However, examples like Lebanon James and Derrick Rose could easily be brought up and said that since their families came from relatively less fortunate families. But players like these have to be considered outliers when considering the background of the average NAB player. Annotated Bibliography How to cite Nba During the 70s, Papers

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Language and Intercultural Communication †Free Samples to Students

Question: Discuss about the Language and Intercultural Communication. Answer: Introduction: In a job interview, importance of nonverbal communication has a big role to play. For an interviewer, the first important thing is to use the nonverbal communication skill throughout the interview to be more precise and confident about the words. However, before deciding the approach it is very important to understand the audience and their attitudes. The audience during an interview are mostly the candidates but while interviewing an interviewer the sides of the audience changes management and for establishing a confident attitude it is very important to present a groomed and matured behaviour towards them (Burgoon, Guerrero and Floyd 2016). Body language, use of words, timing, and expressions and the process and goals of communication are elements that need lot of consideration in this interview process. Normally, the appointer takes an interview but when an interviewee aims to interview the interviewer, they must present themselves in a manner that does not seem to be overconfiden t. The interview of the interviewer will never be up to the mark if the nonverbal communication skill is not utilized in a proper way. Utilizing the non-verbal communication skill starts as soon as a candidate enters the office. Presenting a confident attitude is necessary and the entire attire must represent the culture. The appearance should be professional and while questioning the interviewer it is necessary to keep in mind that the candidate must present the question in a way to get informed about the organisation and not in a way that represent the rude behaviour (Knapp, Hall and Horgan 2013). The methods that can be used to represent the attitude of a deserving candidate is kinesics and vocalic. Visual and sound communications are very important part of the interview (Leathers and Eaves 2015). A candidate must have a proper body language, which represents professionalism, deserving and confident attitude. The candidate can represent the confidence through the eye contact with the interview and using their nonverbal communication they can ask the interviewer about the job description and more about the organisation. However, body language or vocalic is the most efficient way to be preferable for the job and gather information about the organisation. Behaving in a polite manner while utilizing the nonverbal communication skill management to convince the interviewer is a best policy to be selected for the job. The candidate must be attentive and in an even tone, they need to talk to the interviewer and ask the questions that are needed to be answered. The most important thin g for a candidate is to use the kinesics or visual communication skill to convince the interviewer that selecting them will be a good choice. Then the candidate must use the vocalic communication skill and present a confident attitude while asking questions about the organisation and the job. A candidate must never forget that the organisation has the full authority to fire them and that is why using the nonverbal skill of kinesics and vocalic during an interview is a factor that turns the result (Siegman 2014). However, asking questions does not make the candidate worthy. It is the type of questions that are asked and the way it is presented. The questions must be asked in a way that the interviewer feels free to answer and not in a manner that makes the interviewer think about choosing other candidate. it is very important to know about the job and the profile they are being selected but it is also very important that the candidate asks the question related to the job and is neces sary for them to know. For every interview, a candidate must present himself or herself in a manner that does not reflect the slouchy or messy attitude. An interviewer always wants the candidate to be responsible and organised. Unless a candidate shows the interviewer that they are responsible and organised and has a personality with good communication skills, they will not be selected and nor will they be able to avail the answers of the questions ending themselves turn into a mess (Hybels 2014). Today we are living in a global village, with more and more travelling happening for business, family and education. This makes it possible to ensure constant interaction with people from other cultures of the world. It gives rise to intercultural communication that takes in communication with even sub-cultures too. This rise in communication attracted firms too who wanted to expand beyond the borders and do overseas business. With the extension in number of business openings past national borders, many firms expand their operations abroad frequently without perceiving that the potential budgetary prospering may change into shocking situation in light of the repercussions of cross-cultural communication with business partners outside of claim culture (Jandt 2012). In case of the present scenario, the audience is majorly the manager from China. The manager could speak only broken English, using majority of the time Chinese words and non-verbal gestures. It was difficult to understand what he wanted to communicate, which resulted in comprehending what he was trying to suggest or describe. Frequently when we experience miscommunication and trouble in our intercultural communication, we have a tendency to investigate the exercises of other partner and may see his/her direct as ailing in light of the way that we don't appreciate why the other individual does or says something. The same happened with the manager too. By separating and looking at contrasting cultures, managers can be prepared for understanding the explanations for business partner's exercises and endeavour to find ways to deal with change communication to make it more beneficial (Carbaugh 2013). Inside a partnership with the manager, two key communications systems should be considered. The first is a plan to share information about the partnership internally, inside claim affiliation and with partners. With an average internal communications strategy set up, you would then have the capacity to associate remotely to begin to manufacture and offer your message with desires of adequately completing your partnership's targets and goals. Partners should cooperate in planning their communications systems toward the start of the partnership, thinking about each as other's methodologies, procedures, needs, and goals (Neuliep 2017). Compelling partnerships depend on shared understanding and clear destinations and targets. A strong internal communications plan that considers how best to share and suitable information among, inside, and between partners is a major bit of good partnership organization. The Hofstede model is of good use for expatriate managers, who while working in the East, deduce that cultural differences exist in the working environment. By means of this model, the expatriate managers can be made to adjust as per the different cultures. For expatriate managers to adjust as per the different regional cultures, following a "Glocal" approach would be the perfect plan (Jackson 2014). This approach wherein an overall perspective is joined with an adjacent approach infers that multinationals can acclimate to the area cultures and meanwhile don't lose focal point of their whole vision. This is the most important deduction that the Hofstede model and its other substitute models of culture present for the expatriate managers. In view of this, cultural differentiations can either build or break the chances for multinationals in the globalized world economy today. Therefore, it is crucial to identify and comprehend that culture has an undisputable impact in determining the work environment (Asante 2013). References Asante, M.K., 2013.The global intercultural communication reader. Routledge. Burgoon, J.K., Guerrero, L.K. and Floyd, K., 2016.Nonverbal communication.. Carbaugh, D., 2013.Cultural communication and intercultural contact. Routledge. Hybels, S., 2014.Communicating effectively. McGraw-Hill Higher Education. Jackson, J., 2014.Introducing language and intercultural communication. Routledge. Jandt, F.E., 2012.An introduction to intercultural communication management: Identities in a global community. Sage Publications. Knapp, M.L., Hall, J.A. and Horgan, T.G., 2013.Nonverbal communication in human interaction. Cengage Learning. Leathers, D.G. and Eaves, M., 2015.Successful nonverbal communication: Principles and applications. Routledge. Neuliep, J.W., 2017.Intercultural communication: A contextual approach. Sage Publications. Siegman, A.W., 2014.Nonverbal behavior and communication. Psychology Press.

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What is Personality Essay

Personality can be generally described in this personality essay as the characteristics make up of an individual that influence their psychological environment. It can be described in scientific terms in a personality essay introduction as follows: "Personality is an established and structured collection of psychosomatic traits and mechanisms in the individual that affects his or her interactions with and adaptations to the psychological, physical and social setting in which they dwell." Aspects of Personality From the above definition, the three aspects of personality that will be highlighted in this personality essay are: Personality is Stable Personality doesn't change on a daily basis but takes a long time if it were to change a small margin. For personality to change, the individual must undergo some traumatic or life-changing experience whereby the change will be limited and very gradual. Personality Comprises of Properties and Mechanisms The personality of an individual can be split into various components and characteristics. The characteristics of personality have been identified and classified into various categories over time. Personality is Ever Present The personality of an individual is always present in any setting that they might be in. Their thoughts, feelings, and behaviors are always influenced by their personalities in relation to the context and time they are interacting with any social phenomenon. It is the personalities that will aid the social actors to adjust and adapt to the daily challenges in their environments. In another personality essay argument, the natural biological processes and requirements influence the personality of individuals. Personality Profiles The following 16 types of personalities will be briefly explored through our example of personality profile essay. The codes are derived from the preference of two functions of general attitude - Sensing (S) vs. Intuition (N), and judging - Thinking (T) vs. Feeling (F) - Extraverted (E) vs. Introverted (I); perception. INFP - The Idealist Idealistic, quiet, and reflective. Very eager to offer service to humanity. INFJ - The Protector Sensitive, original, and quietly forceful. Keen on ensuring things are done. ISTP - The Mechanic Quiet and reserved, interested in how and why things work. Good skills in mechanical things. ISTJ - The Duty Fulfiller Serious and quiet, fascinated with peaceful living and keen on security. Very thorough, dependable and responsible INTJ - The Scientist Analytical, original, determined and independent. Possess talent for deriving solid plans of action form theories. INTP - The Thinker Rational, innovative, creative thinkers. Theories and ideas excite them very much. ISFP - The Artist Tranquil, thoughtful, sensitive and caring. Dislike conflict, and avoid engaging in activities and situations that can cause conflicts. ISFJ - The Nurturer Calm, kind, and careful. Are dependable to follow through on issues and selfless. ESFP - The Performer High-spirited and people-oriented, good at creating fun around other people. ESTJ - The Guardian Down-to-earth, conventional, and orderly. Athletic predisposition and minimized interest towards theory or abstraction if there is no practical application ESTP - The Doer Welcoming, flexible, and action-oriented. They are focused on speedy results. ENFP - The Inspirer Passionate, principled, and creative. Ability to do anything that captivates them. ENFJ - The Giver Admirable and thoughtful, with exceptional communication skills. Externally focused, and genuinely concerned with the thoughts and feelings of others. ENTP - The Visionary Imaginative, ingenious, and intellectually hasty. Usually multi-talented. ENTJ - The Executive Confident, candid and good leadership skills. Have the brilliant skill to comprehend difficult organizational challenges and produce solid solutions. ESFJ - The Caregiver Warm-hearted, admired and careful. They tend to prioritize the needs of others above theirs. The above classifications of personalities are generally applied in the process of how to describe a person personality in essay. Personality Theories In the past, there existed in several personality essay examples a strong debate among scholars on the exact number of how many personality categories are in existence. Some, like Gordon Allport, were of the idea there are as many as 4000 personalities traits. Some other scholars like Raymond Cattell in his essay about personality proposed only sixteen. Most modern researchers propose the Five Factor theory which outlines five broad categories that make up human personality. The following five categories have been identified as standard in big five personality traits essay: Agreeableness Conscientiousness Extraversion Neuroticism Openness Personality Disorders and Illnesses When tasked to write a "describe your personality essay" or a "my personality essay", you need to be clear on the meaning of some terms. Personality disorders or illnesses are dysfunctional conditions of mental instability in which the feelings, thoughts and behaviors are rendered in rigid and unhealthy patterns resulting in problematic associations with the surrounding people and situations. There are many disorders and illnesses that the personality of an individual might suffer from. The disorders can be brought about by or their presence or onset signaled by the following conditions: Verbal abuse by caregivers or colleagues Relationships with peers High sensitivity to stimuli (sound, smell, emotions) Genetic predispositions Personality disorders are quite challenging because some can make the patient not realize that they are sick and can actually blame those close to them for the challenges that they face. Most of the personality disorders start in teenagehood and early adulthood. Some are radical and violent in nature while others are less obvious. There are three categories into which the personality disorders are categorized according to the similarities of the symptoms and characteristics they exhibit. There are many disorders associated with the personality that we can't explore all of them but highlight the three broad categories this essay on personality. Clusters of Personality Disorders Cluster A The disorders in this category are portrayed by strange, unconventional thoughts or behaviors. They include the following disorders: Schizoid Schizotypal Paranoid Cluster B The disorders in this group are described by dramatic, excessively emotional or erratic thoughts or behavior. The disorders are as follows: Antisocial personality disorder Narcissistic personality disorder Histrionic personality disorder Borderline personality disorder Cluster C The personality disorders categorized in this cluster are depicted by apprehensive, fearful acting or thinking. They include the following disorders: Avoidant Dependent Obsessive-compulsive Every personality essay recommends that if you note any symptom of any personality disorder in you or anybody else, you should seek medical attention from your nearest healthcare provider or mental health institution. If any of the mental disorders remains unattended, it can cause significant damage to you or anyone around you. Causes of Personality Disorders The careful act of balancing emotions, thoughts and behaviors is the responsibility of the personality. It bears the two social perspectives every social being bears: the inward and outward perspectives. Personality is formed early in life when a child starts socializing and gradually gets shaped by growing up into adulthood through a combination of the following two aspects as shown in any personality essay: Genetics. In the event of reproduction, gene inheritance may predispose one to a particular condition passed on from their parents. These traits may seldom be referred to as your temperament. The environment. The settings in which you grow up, events that take place and relationships forged with family members and others members of the society. Disorders arise when there is a fluke in one or both of the above aspects. An individual's genes may render them vulnerable to certain conditions and a traumatic situation may trigger the development. Risk Factors for Developing Personality Disorder Despite the fact that there is no clear cause for a particular personality disorder, some factors have been identified on the negative in increasing the chances of developing a disorder. The risk factors listed below can aid describe your personal essay: As a child one suffered childhood conduct disorder Childhood family life jumbled up, uncertain, or abusive Differences in brain chemistry and organization History of personality disorders or other mental illness in the family Complications Arising from Personality Disorders Personality disorders can have very undesirable effects on both the patients and those around the patients. The disorder can affect the way that you relate to other members of the society, the way you do your job or can seriously hinder your studies. Personality disorders can cripple the patient ability to socialize leading to isolation, alcohol and drug abuse. On the severe end, instances of violent outbursts, injuries to both parties and even suicide have been reported. From a retrospective analysis of personality essay, it is apparent that those aspects of one's personality that are tied to the main culture will remain unchanged over a long time as compared to those tied to personal standards and ethics. Culture takes a long time to design, mold and set in place, as such, those elements of personality associated with the culture will follow a similar trend. Conclusion From the above essay about personality, we can say that personality defines the way in which people socialize with each other and react to other phenomena in the society. Despite the personality being hard to change, we can influence some aspects of the personality according to the prevailing circumstances as discussed in this personality essay.

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The life of Frederick Douglass essays

The life of Frederick Douglass essays Frederick Douglass was born into slavery On the Eastern shores of Maryland in 1818. During the period of his life he escaped many slavery farms, became a great writer, speaker, and even served in the national government in many different positions. One of his first works The cause of freedom brought him many friendships with many leaders. He was a Stationmaster of the Underground Railroad and helped many slaves escape to freedom. Douglass spoke all around the world, mostly though in US and England. His topics all had to do with the brutality of slavery issues. He even had his own paper and published another name North Star. He helped to recruit African American troops for the Union Army, and his close friendship with Abe Lincoln, he helped to persuade the President to make Emancipation a cause of the Civil War. All of Douglass children were born in his first marriage, with Anna Murray. He met Murray in Baltimore when she was a free frican American. After Murray died, he married his former secretary, Helen Pitts who lived in Rochester, NY. Oddly, Pitts was a white woman, which back then was very uncommon to have an interracial marriage. Douglass received great controversy over his white-women marriage, saying that in his first marriage he honored his mothers race and in his second marriage he honored his fathers race. In 1872, Douglass moved to Washington, DC were he was a successful Publisher of the New National Era. In that same year Douglass died for unknown reasons.... Source: ...

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Information technology vs industrial cluster formation Essay

Information technology vs industrial cluster formation - Essay Example The very meaning of markets and boundaries defining the markets and business domains have undergone a complete change because of the internet and fostering technological change that it brought in its wake. While corporate business world has taken full advantage of the internet, it has still I the early phases of realizing full support and potential of the internet. IT speculators suggested huge benefits from the internet which meant relocation and complete physical freedom from the customers, competitors and physical boundaries of the market which earlier defined the very limits of any industry. By early twentieth century, the markets were tended to be defined at local level, at city level and at the national levels. There was little mention of the international or global markets. This was because of limited progress achieved in the means of communications and transportations. Most markets were considered as physical definitions or definitions in terms of physical presence of the buy ers and sellers. Each place where buyers and sellers could be physically present were defined as local markets. Where ever the buyers and sellers could gather together from a national scale were the national markets. The limited advancements in the means of transport and communications were a natural barrier on the market definition. Discussion: As the industrialization process grew and the means of transport and communications also grew with them. The beginning of the railways system and the telegraphs and telephone brought about some relaxations in the definition of the markets and the markets definitions also included the areas from far off here there were customers of any product or service where transport means such as railways and communication means such as telephone and telegraphs had access. Therefore the means of transport and communications have served as a key factor defining the geographical boundaries of markets. The definitions of the market boundaries has moved hand in hand with the advancements of the transportation and communications. The second half of the twentieth century has brought a technological revolution especially in the IT sector. The computer is the most fascinating invention of the twentieth century. It has transformed the speed and accuracy levels of the information processing. It has also promised and delivered transparency and merit. In the last fifty or sixty years the world has witnessed the rise of internet which has impacted the communications in an un-precedent manner. The rise of the internet has defined and redefined the basics of communications in every nook and corner of the world. The business markets and each industry and segment is deeply affected by the growth and usefulness of internet. Amongst the key benefits envisaged by the IT experts, the Internet was thought to redefine the markets as well. In several sectors such as services banking and retailing and IT, it was thought that the internet would introduce bra nchless services virtually eliminating the physical presence of the branches in every area of the country. But despite the wide spread use of the internet in every office and production factories and manufacturing area, it is noted that companies still prefer to be located near their competitors and outsourcers. Why? This is the primary question that we need to answer in this essay. In the